Monday, February 13, 2012

iPad2 Wi-Fi 16GB Black

那一夜公司的Annual Diner我很意外的抽到iPad2。


Dual-core A5 chip.It’s fast, times two.

Two powerful cores in one A5 chip mean iPad can do twice the work at once. Multitasking is smooth, apps load quickly and anything you touch responds instantly. And with up to nine times the graphics performance of the first-generation iPad, everything on iPad 2 is even more fluid and realistic, from gameplay to scrolling through your photo library.

Battery life keeps on going. So you can too.

Even with such a thin, light design, iPad has an incredible 10-hour battery life.1That’s enough juice for one flight across the ocean, or one movie-watching all-nighter or a week’s commute across town. Because iPad hardware and software are made for each other, the power-efficient A5 chip works with the iOS software to keep the battery life from fading away.

iPad Smart Cover. Designed for iPad. And vice versa.

iPad 2 and the iPad Smart Cover are made for each other. Literally. We designed the iPad Smart Cover to work side-by-side with iPad — and on top and underneath it too. Smart magnetic technology built into each really pulls them together. The iPad Smart Cover falls perfectly into place and stays put to protect your iPad screen, yet doesn’t add bulk to its thin, light design. Open the Smart Cover and your iPad wakes up instantly. Close it and your iPad goes to sleep automatically. And here’s another smart part: it transforms into the perfect movie-watching, game-playing, web-surfing stand. It comes in 10 bright colours — including five in rich, aniline-dyed Italian leather. Choose your favourite, and your iPad will be smart all around.

Multi-Touch.Everything’s at your fingertips.

With iPad, you use your fingers to do everything. And thanks to Multi-Touch technology, everything youdo — surfing the web, typing email, reading books, swiping through photos and switching between apps — is easier and a lot more fun. When your fingers touch the display, it senses them using electrical fields. Then it instantly transforms your taps, swipes, pinches and flicks into lifelike actions. Just like that.

Wi-Fi and 3G. Two great ways to stay connected.

Every iPad is built with advanced 802.11n wireless technology. It automatically finds Wi-Fi networks, which you can join with a few taps. iPad is also available with 3G connectivity on carrier networks. So if you’re somewhere without Wi-Fi, such as outdoors on a camping trip or on the road, you can still surf the web, check email or get directions.

InFo From ; Apple iPad2


我的公司裡有個同事叫Johnny。那一夜抽獎除了送現金,最引人注目的莫過於iPad。當時頒獎人抽名字的時候,他很調皮,盡然一個一個英文字母念出來。“J~O~H~N…”我早前也幸運抽到一份茶葉的禮品,當時我也沒抱什麼期望會中,就發夢這樣沒什麼興奮。頒獎人念到J~O~H~N~的時後,我聽見同事都很期待是他中,所以他跟頒獎人著念字母,還繼續大聲幫頒獎人念上NY兩字母。頒獎人搖頭說是John時,他真的有點失望,而我我是當場傻眼。傻傻上台領獎,領了禮物後坐回原位。同事胡鬧的和我搶,我還拼命保護它呢!據說是老闆娘她銀行抽獎抽到的,她不要就捐出來作為今年Annual Dinner的抽獎之一。我也不管這些,最重要是我有iPad2了!這是我今年最大的收穫,謝謝上天送我的禮物。

Golden Palm Tree Sepang_Annual Dnr

來杯Welcome Drink吧!












在沙灘上,還真的“No” 呢!罰款RM1000,好過打槍哦!




Annual Dinner 即將開始,早前也進去裡面探索,第一次在這裡的Meeting Room坐著。


Annual Dinner 開始前,我們大家聽來個合照。



DSC_1712DSC_1718 DSC_1714

那一天,我很幸運的。得到iPad2。就這樣每當大家見到我,就叫我 iPad2了。12am。活動結束回房休息了。


Putrajaya Seafood & Tmn Botani

公司安排了Annual Dinner,在Golden Palm住一晚。由於我們早上早出發,下午安排在這裡吃午餐。

DSC_1571DSC_1606DSC_1572DSC_1599DSC_1582DSC_1598DSC_1583 DSC_1597DSC_1574DSC_1577


DSC_1579DSC_1585DSC_1588DSC_1600DSC_1603 DSC_1587DSC_1593DSC_1594

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